Capo Di Cibo

Branding | UX Design | Development
Project type: Academic
Role: Product Design

Capo Di Cibo is an e-commerce website specializing in Italian food. Users can browse, view/review, order products and create accounts. Products, sales, and orders can also be tracked and managed by admins through the dashboard. The user interface was built using Google's Material design CSS framework. Through extensive research on e-commerce ordering processes the decision was made to model the cart and client dashboard around—making the user experience enjoyable and fuss free.

Capo Di Cibo Ecommerce website wireframe design showcase Capo Di Cibo Ecommerce website final design showcase Capo Di Cibo Ecommerce responsive website design showcase Man holding phone with Capo Di Cibo app displaying on screen Capo Di Cibo product packaging showcase

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